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Readers are falling in love with the newly released


Author of THE Willow Hill series

Sweet, Southern Fiction

​Book reviewer Honolulu Belle has this to say about Sweet Carolina Morning:

Five Stars

I adored this amusing and insightful story from start to finish. Linny's story just gets better with the second book of the series, and I will be eagerly awaiting future works from this talented author. The plot was relevant and entertaining while the writing was effusively detailed, engaging, cleverly insightful, and humorous. Ms. Schild's characters were quirky, flawed, smart, amusing, and intriguing. Linny remains one of my favorite characters as she is a smart and resourceful gal that uses movies and television shows as reference material while she navigates new waters as a future step-mother to a geeky pre-teen boy, a boy who is currently testing the limits and pushing her buttons. While watching the Brady Brunch for inspiration, Linny laments that Carol Brady makes it look so easy, but later has a second thought and wonder if Carol Brady drinks. Linny's humorous inner musings and her newly honed skill of using visualization as a coping mechanism are an endless source of amusement. More please!

With 4.9 out of 5 stars by Amazon customers, here's what  readers are saying about SWEET CAROLINA MORNING! 

"Southern fiction at its very best: warm, tender, lighthearted and heartfelt."

"Grabbed my attention from the very first page. Can't wait for the next Willow Hill novel."

"I would recommend this book to anyone considering a blended family marriage."

​"This book discusses serious issues but at times is laugh out loud funny..."

"Thank you Susan Schild for keeping the giggles coming..."