Linny’s Sweet Dream List

Thirty-eight year old Linny Taylor should have known that Buck – a Golden Boy driving a vintage Caddy – was not good husband material, but she married him anyway. The marriage goes South fast, and Buck steals all her money.

Linny is forced to move into a rundown mobile home right next door to her church lady mother, and rebuild her life from scratch. She makes a list of things that might make her sweet dreams come true. A porch swing. A job that makes her happy. Maybe even a date or two.

Good ole boy veterinarian, Jack Avery, comes into her life, and seems like the real deal, but so did her thieving husband. Jack comes with baggage, too – an exquisite ex-wife who seems just a little too chummy with him, and a moody young son. Can Linny learn to trust love again, and find her happily ever after?

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“Charming, funny, feisty. I totally loved this novel.” ~ Cathy Lamb, author of My Very Best Friend

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