Book Club Questions for Linny’s Sweet Dream List


Questions for Linny’s Sweet Dream List

  1. How did Linny losing her husbands, money and home affect her sense of identity?
  1. Why does a smart woman like Linny overlook signs of Buck’s infidelity, and believe him when he swears he’ll change?
  1. What role does peace goddess Indigo Merriweather play in the book? What does Linny gain by “dancing” with her?
  1. How did Linny change as a result of writing her Sweet Dream List?
  1. When Dottie revealed her secret, how did it change how Linny and Kate viewed Mama?
  1. What is it about Jack that draws Linny to him? Early on, what glimpses did you catch of his character?
  1. What moments represented the biggest turning points for Linny? In what ways did she grow?
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