Book Club Questions for Sweet Southern Hearts


Questions for Sweet Southern Hearts

  1. What factors are at play with Jack when he tries to manage the relationship with Vera?
  1. Is Linny’s decision to try to be as flexible as Gumby a good one, or does she go too far in accommodating Jack, Neal and Vera?
  1. What is Mary Catherine trying to convey with her advice to Linny on what not to do to blend her family?
  1. In what ways is Linny still wary of Jack’s commitment, even though they’re engaged?
  1. How does Linny’s and Neal’s relationship change and deepen over the course of the story? What were the turning points in their deepening connection?
  1. What are the factors at play in Linny’s ambivalence about babies?
  1. Linny just tries to go faster to manage all the new responsibilities in her life until she is forced to find her priorities. Have you had moments like this in your life? What changes did you make?
  1. What did Mama and the women learn on their RV trip to see the U.S. of A.? What were your favorite moments of this trip and why?
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