Book Club Questions for Sweet Carolina Morning


Questions for Sweet Carolina Morning

  1. In what ways was Linny naïve about taking on the role of stepmother with Neal? What did she not know that created tension in her household?
  1. Jack and Linny have differing views on parenting. What is Linny’s biggest concern? What is Jack’s? How do their differences contribute to conflicts?
  1. What do you like best about Linny’s friendships with Mary Catherine and Kate?
  1. In what way do perceived class differences play out in this story? What pre-conceived notions do characters have about their own class and the class of others?
  1. How did you like Ceecee and Rush initially and how did the characters grow on you throughout the course of the book? In what ways did Ceecee and Linny each grow to appreciate each other?
  1. Linny is thrilled with her mama’s metamorphosis but also anxious about it. Besides worrying that Mama will get taken advantage of, what else is Linny concerned about?
  1. Over the course of the story, how did Linny and Jack’s relationship change and deepen?
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